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Changing the wallpaper in your home may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be a simple and even enjoyable process.

Whether you're an amateur DIYer or a professional, knowing effective methods for removing old wallpaper is essential.

In this article, we'll explore the best tips and methods for peeling wallpaper easily, ensuring your next renovation project goes off without a hitch.

Key points

  • Using a heat gun is effective in removing paint and wallpaper, due to the heat causing the paint to blister.
  • The steam stripper, with its steam power, allows old wallpaper to be removed quickly and almost effortlessly.
  • Applying a mixture of hot water and soda crystals to walls is an effective method for removing oil-based paint.

The best methods for peeling wallpaper

The best methods for peeling wallpaper

Use a heat gun

We've all been faced with that moment when we need to remove old wallpaper. Well, we discovered that use a heat gun can really make a difference.

It's a method that requires a bit of technique, but once you get the hang of it, it's incredibly effective.

Here are some simple steps to get there:

  • Place the scraper nozzle a few centimeters from the surface to be treated.
  • Wait until the paint or wallpaper begins to blister.
  • Then use a spatula or scraper to easily remove the coating.

It is crucial to keep in mind that this method requires a extreme vigilance to avoid any accident. But with a little patience and the right tools, you can really work miracles. Remember to wear protective gloves to avoid burns.

Opt for a steam stripper

We all know how much of a chore changing wallpaper can be. But with a steam stripper , that's another story. This little technological gem uses the power of water vapor to soften the wallpaper glue, making it easier to remove.

And when we talk about steam strippers, the TITAN brand is often cited as a reference. Reliable and efficient, it is a great ally for all your renovation projects.

Here are some points to remember about using a steam stripper:

  • Heating time : about 5 minutes
  • Efficiency : takes off quickly and virtually effortlessly
  • Advice : missing a switch button, which requires unplugging the device each time it is used

Remember, for efficient and hassle-free work, make sure you have all the necessary tools at hand. A spatula or scraper, and of course, protective gloves are essential to complete your equipment.

The effectiveness of hot water and soda crystals

We've all heard about the effectiveness of hot water mixed with soda crystals to remove wallpaper, but we don't always realize how effective it is. 

It is a simple, economical and ecological method which can work miracles on your walls.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Mix hot water with 6 tablespoons of soda crystals.
  • Apply this mixture using a sponge to your walls.
  • Leave to act for ten minutes.
  • As soon as the color of the walls turns brown, rinse.
  • After 8 hours, neutralize with white vinegar, rinse then sand.

This method is not only effective for removing oil paint but also for preparing your walls for new decoration. So why not try it next time?

The essential equipment for an efficient takeoff

peel off your wallpaper

Choose the right tools

We all know that to successfully remove wallpaper without too much hassle, you need to be well equipped. Choosing the right tools is the key . We are talking here about a spatula or a scraper to tackle the wallpaper, but also gloves and protective glasses to avoid any accidents. Don't forget the sandpaper for sanding after removing the wallpaper.

Here is a small list so you don't forget anything:

  • Spatula or scraper
  • Protective gloves
  • Protective glasses
  • Sandpaper

With these tools at hand, we're ready to tackle any wallpapered wall. And remember, safety first!

Safety first

After choosing our tools, we must not forget the importance of security. Protecting yourself is essential to avoid any accident while peeling off the wallpaper. We often think about effectiveness without considering the risks. However, a few simple precautions can make all the difference.

Here is a list of essential protective equipment:

  • Adapted work clothing
  • Safety shoes
  • Protective glasses
  • Respiratory mask
  • Protective gloves

This equipment allows us to work in complete safety, minimizing the risk of injury. It is also important to ventilate the room well and take regular breaks to avoid overwork. By following these tips, we not only ensure our safety but also a more pleasant and efficient work.

Tips to make work easier

After choosing the right tools and taking all the safety precautions, we have a few more tips for you that will really make the job easier. Never underestimate the power of good preparation . Before you begin, make sure the room is well ventilated and that you have all the necessary materials on hand.

Here is a small list that might be useful to you:

  • Make sure the floor is well covered to avoid stains.
  • Use large trash bags to collect loose pieces of wallpaper.
  • If possible, work in pairs: while one takes care of peeling the wallpaper, the other can clean up behind it. This makes the work less monotonous and faster.

By following these tips, you'll find that peeling wallpaper can become a much less daunting task. And remember, patience is key!

To ensure an efficient takeoff, it is crucial to equip yourself with the appropriate equipment. Our site offers a rigorous selection of essential equipment to meet all your needs. Leave nothing to chance and visit our dedicated page to discover our recommendations. Get ready to reach new heights with the right gear at your side!


All in all, removing wallpaper can seem like a daunting task, but with the right tips and tools, it's a completely achievable mission. Whether you opt for the traditional method of hot water and soda crystals, the formidable efficiency of the heat gun, or the power of the steam stripper, the important thing is to choose the approach that suits you best.

Don't forget the importance of the right tools, such as a spatula or scraper, and above all, take your time. Patience is often the key to a job well done. So, arm yourself with these tips and give your walls a facelift without too much hassle. Happy renovation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use a heat gun to remove wallpaper?

Yes, using a heat gun is an effective method for removing wallpaper. The heat emitted by the stripper causes the paint to blister, making it easy to scrape off with a spatula. However, this method requires extreme vigilance to avoid any accident.

How does a steam stripper work to remove wallpaper?

A steam stripper uses the power of its water vapor to soften and peel away old wallpaper, making removal virtually effortless. Brands like TITAN offer reliable and efficient steam strippers to make this task easier.

Can you use hot water and soda crystals to remove wallpaper?

Yes, mixing hot water with soda crystals and applying this mixture to the wallpaper using a sponge is an effective method. After letting it sit, rinsing and neutralizing with white vinegar can help remove wallpaper effectively.