Non-woven wallpaper is a kind of wallpaper that has completely changed the usual laying traditions. No wallpaper table is needed, the glue is applied directly to the wall. The non-woven requires no special preparation and is easily cut. Simple and quick, non-woven makes decorating child's play.

how to install non-woven wallpaper

Have you recently ordered several rolls of wallpaper to bring new life to a particular room? Do you now have the fervent intention of putting it down without losing your hinges?

We would like to reassure you, as leading online wallpaper store in France, we are legitimate to give you the best guide and meet your expectations. From preparing your walls to the tools required, you will become a wallpaper expert!

How to install non-woven wallpaper

Allow a few hours before you start installing your future wallpaper. The walls must be prepared & properly and sanded with the appropriate grit of sandpaper.

Our team will prepare the rolls for you!


Tools for optimal non-woven wallpaper installation

First, start by equipping yourself with the following tools;
  • A pair of gloves
  • Wallpaper glue (found on Amazon, we highly recommend the brand Metylan )
  • A pair of scissors
  • A meter
  • Glue brushes
  • A cutter

A scraper may be required if bubbles appear

Clean the wall on which the wallpaper will be hung

For a successful installation, your walls must be clean, dry, intact, smooth and uniform. For new walls (plaster, Placoplâtre, wood), please apply a primer the day before to facilitate the installation of the wallpaper. For walls covered with matte paint, please use the detergent Rénovocai for cleaning. Let your walls dry for about 24 hours before applying the glue.

For walls painted with gloss or satin paint, sand them first. You can then apply an undercoat which will be the last step in preparing your wall.


Install non-woven wallpaper

  1. Group together all the necessary tools as mentioned above
  2. Consult the step of cleaning your wall (to prepare 24 hours with the installation of your wallpaper)
  3. Check the dimensions of the wallpaper, the connections in relation to your wall. Match the Patterns
  4. Depending on the width of each roll, mark the vertical lines using a pencil or marker (the lines will later be covered by the wallpaper)

how to install non-woven wallpaper

  1. Apply the glue to the back of each of your wallpaper rolls (proceed roll by roll so as not to lose any adhesion)
  2. Carefully stick your roll on the wall, cutting off the excess parts with your cutter. You can then use a clean cloth to remove the excess glue.
  3. Same process as for the first roll, but be careful to match the patterns and design for optimal results. Remember to remove excess glue from the edges of each roll once installed.
  4. Cut out each of the excess parts using your cutter so that the designs fit together perfectly
  5. Use the scraper to make the wallpaper flat and obtain optimal visual results. (if bubbles appear, wait 48 hours for them to resolve on their own.)
  6. Close all doors and windows that could bring in a draft in order to obtain natural drying.

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