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Experimental Wallpaper Trends in 2024 | French Wallpaper

Experimental Wallpaper Trends in 2024

Wallpaper evolves well beyond its floral origins. In 2024 , bold prints and experimental materials redefine its identity. These new trends promise to transform interiors with boldness and creativity.

Explore New Textures

Wallpaper textures are becoming more experimental with the use of unique materials such as cork , wood veneer , sand and cement . These three-dimensional textures bring visual dimension and unique character to each space.

In 2024, expect to see textured papers with embroidered designs and laser-cut patterns, offering a never-before-seen tactile and visual experience.

Big and Bold Prints

Wallpaper designs are becoming more diverse, featuring artistic abstract, geometric, and natural patterns on an oversized scale. In 2024, these designs will take direct inspiration from avant-garde fashion, reinventing classics like Chinoiserie patterns in vibrant colors.

Custom Paper Art

Digital printing on demand makes personalized wallpaper accessible to everyone. In 2024, the customization possibilities will be unlimited, allowing everyone to create their own wall universe.

Technical Innovations

Wallpaper is experiencing technical advances, such as fiberglass backings for applications on curved surfaces. Advances in coatings and eco-friendly materials will open new avenues for interiors that are both aesthetic and functional.