Comment choisir son Papier Peint ?

THE choice of wallpaper may seem like an easy task, but it can be difficult and complicated. With a multitude of options available, it is important to take into account certain criteria to make the right choice. Below we have compiled a list of wallpaper types, with a brief explanation of each to help you choose the one that best suits your interior.

As the leader in non-woven wallpaper in France, we have prepared a guide and advice to help you choose your wallpaper.

Choose your type of wallpaper

Paper-backed wallpaper

Paper-backed wallpaper is one of the most commonly used types of wallpaper. It is made from paper and comes in a variety of patterns and colors. Although it is easy to hang, it is less durable than other types of wallpaper and can tear easily.

Vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is wallpaper coated with a layer of vinyl, which makes it more durable and more resistant to moisture than paper-backed wallpaper. It's also easier to clean and comes in a range of patterns and colors.

Expanded vinyl wallpaper

Expanded vinyl wallpaper is wallpaper that has been treated to make it thicker and more textured than standard vinyl wallpaper. It is perfect for uneven walls and imperfections as it can hide these defects. It is also more resistant to scratches and impacts.

Relief expanded vinyl wallpaper

Relief expanded vinyl wallpaper is wallpaper that has been treated to create a relief effect. It's perfect for adding texture and depth to a room and can be used to create interesting accent walls. It is also more resistant to scratches and impacts.

Wallpaper to paint

Paintable wallpaper is a simple white wallpaper, without patterns or colors, which can be painted any color you want. It is perfect for people who want customize wallpaper and who want a blank canvas for their creativity.

Double width wallpaper

Double width wallpaper is wallpaper that is twice the width of standard wallpaper, meaning it requires fewer joints and provides a cleaner finish. It is perfect for large rooms or wide walls.

At Le Papier Peint Français, we offer high quality non-woven wallpapers to meet all your interior decoration needs. Our non-woven wallpapers are durable, easy to install and offer a smooth, impeccable finish.


Choose your wallpaper according to color and patterns

The choice of wallpaper is crucial to bring a personal touch to your interior decoration. Selecting the right color and pattern can completely transform the look of your walls.

At Le Papier Peint Francais, we have a wide range of collections to suit all tastes. Here are our recommendations for choose the perfect wallpaper depending on each room and the desired style.

For the adult bedroom

If you are looking for a exotic design , our collection jungle-wallpaper with its lush green leaves on a white background can be an excellent choice. If you prefer something more classic, our collection black-and-white-wallpaper might be suitable.

For the living room

You can create an elegant ambiance in your living room with our 3D selection available in our collection 3d-wallpaper . You can also opt for our soft floral wallpapers and romantic or our minimalist Scandinavian collection [papierepeintsalon].

For the kitchen

Our self-adhesive selection makes application easy when you choose our inspired designs such as those available in our maximalist collection or even a colorful geometric pattern that will be perfectly suited to modern kitchens.

For the child's room

We have designed fun models such as friendly dinosaurs (available as wall stickers) or even enchanted unicorns that will delight all little girls! Our teen collection contains several funky options that will be perfect for teenage bedrooms .

For the baby room

Soft pastel tones are ideal when it comes to a baby's room: think soft pink or bright white stars on a midnight blue background - available now from our baby tapestry collection.


Choosing your wallpaper: pay attention to the bath of colors

When choosing wallpaper for a room, it's important to think about how colors will impact your space. Walls represent a large surface area in a room and can significantly change your perception of it.

Play with nuances

To create a harmonious effect, it is important to use different shades of the same or similar colors. For example, if you opt for light blue wallpaper in your living room, add some darker decorative elements like pillows or rugs to provide contrast while still remaining consistent with the theme.

Avoid extreme contrasts

Although it can be tempting to opt for very strong contrasts between walls and furniture, this can quickly seem overwhelming. If you want to use two opposing colors such as red and green for example, use them sparingly (for example using mostly red on your walls with just a few touches of green here and there).

Opt for a subtle pattern

If you don't want to have too much color on your walls but want to avoid something that looks boring or lifeless, opt instead for a subtle pattern that will add texture and visual interest without overflowing the entire color palette.


How to prepare your wall for successful wallpapering?

For effective and durable installation, it is important that your wall is in good condition. Here are some key points to consider before applying your new wallpaper:

  • Own : Make sure the wall is clean and dry before applying wallpaper. Remove any dust or other particles that could prevent proper adhesion.

  • Absorbent : The wall should be absorbent enough to allow the wallpaper to stick properly but not too porous as this can lead to excessive glue wastage. A waterproof blockage can also cause problems.

  • Solid , rigid, hard: Your wall must be strong and stable to be able to support the weight of the wallpaper without sagging or warping. There should be no powdery or loose parts.

  • Flat and smooth : Your surface should be flat and uniform with no visible holes or cracks. Grains can show through the pattern of the wallpaper which is not ideal.

  • Healthy and Dry : Finally, make sure your walls are healthy to the core – free of mold and other potential contamination – so your new siding will stay looking good for a long time.

By following these simple recommendations when preparing your walls before installing your next choice from Le Papier Peint Francais ( click here ), you can ensure easy installation while maximizing the decorative results on each room!