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Panoramic Marble Effect Wallpaper

Give your interior a new wall decor with this panoramic marble effect wallpaper. This wall mural is a great option for adding a touch of luxury to your interior design. It is perfect for walls in living room, bedroom, dining room and other rooms. It is easy to install and maintain. Pair it with modern furniture and accessories for a sleek, contemporary look. You can also use it to create interesting accents and focal points in your interior design. With this panoramic marble effect wallpaper you can create a unique and elegant interior decoration that will allow you to enjoy your interior space.

  1. Choice of Design : Find a wall decor that you like in our store.

  2. Wall Measurements : Take the wall measurements (height and width) and enter them into our online calculator. Add 5cm of margin to be sure.

  3. We do the work : Our team adjusts the design to the size of your wall, with a margin of 5cm for perfect coverage.

  4. Delivery : Receive your wallpaper in pre-cut rolls, ready to stick on the wall. Your decor arrives in a protective box to ensure it is in mint condition.

What type of wallpaper will I receive?

What type of wallpaper will I receive?

We sell non-woven wallpaper at a weight of 200 gr/m².

Here is a table presenting the characteristics of our wallpaper:

Characteristic Description
Fabric Silk
Humidity ambient temperature Yes
Tear resistant Yes
Washable Can be washed with a damp towel, not washable with cleaning agent
Antibacterial Yes
Fire resistant Yes
Requires glue Yes
Water repellent film not necessary Yes
Color Darker than in effect
Scratch resistant No
Light resistance Bright
Stain resistant Yes
Estimated exposure time Approximately 1 hour for complete application
Easy to retract No
Sustainability Yes
Recommended for Flat walls, no cracks, no plaster, dry
Glue to use Use environmentally friendly wallpaper glue
Other special requirements None

Here is the guide transcribed into text:

1/ Prepare the surfaces

Make sure the walls are clean, dry and smooth before wallpapering. If necessary, use a filler solution to fill holes and cracks.

2/ Cut the strips of wallpaper

Measure the height and width of the area to be covered, and cut the wallpaper strips accordingly. Make sure to leave a margin of at least 2 cm for the connections.

3/ Prepare the glue

Use a glue specially designed for non-woven wallpaper, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for preparation. Apply the glue: use a paint roller to spread the glue on the surface to be covered, being careful not to use too much.

4/ Apply the wallpaper

Lay the first strip of wallpaper on the prepared surface, making sure to align the edges with the corners of the room. Use a sponge or paint roller to remove air bubbles and secure the wallpaper to the surface.

5/ Connect the strips

For joins, use a wallpaper knife to trim the edges of the wallpaper, making sure to line up the patterns. Apply glue to the edges of the strips, and press them firmly against each other to make them adhere.

6/ Finish the pose

Once all the strips have been installed, use a paint roller to remove the last air bubbles and firmly attach the wallpaper to the surface.

7/ Let dry for at least 24 hours

Before removing masking tape, painting or decorating. Good luck !

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Large gamme de papiers peints, j'ai trouvé exactement ce que je cherchais !


Les designs sont sublimes et la pose est un jeu d'enfant. Je recommande !

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