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Installing a pellet stove in a home provides both an efficient source of heat and a decorative element of choice. However, when it comes to decorating the space around this type of stove, including considering wallpapering behind it, several questions and cautions emerge. This article explores the possibility of carrying out such an installation, while optimizing the heating and decoration of the space.

Key points

  • It is possible to hang wallpaper behind a pellet stove, provided you follow certain precautions and use suitable materials.
  • The choice of wallpaper should take into account its heat resistance and compatibility with the specific conditions near a pellet stove.
  • It is crucial to respect the recommended safety distances between the stove, the exhaust pipe and the decorated surfaces to ensure safe and efficient heating.

Is it possible to put wallpaper behind a pellet stove?

Is it possible to put wallpaper behind a pellet stove?

Precautions to take before installation

Before starting to install wallpaper behind our pellet stove, we absolutely must take a few precautions. The first crucial step is to check the direction of the wallpaper . It seems obvious, but it's a detail that can change everything, especially if the chosen model has patterns.

Then, it is essential to respect the recommended safety distances. According to experts, a minimum distance of 10 cm around the conduit is recommended to avoid any risk linked to heat. Here is a quick reminder of the distances to respect:

  • Concentric conduits : 10 cm
  • Around the stove : 10 cm

These distances are there to guarantee our safety and that of our decoration. By following these instructions, we ensure that our new space remains both beautiful and safe.

Choosing the Right Type of Wallpaper

After taking all the necessary precautions, we consider the choice of wallpaper. It is crucial to select wallpaper suitable for the heat emitted by the pellet stove. Not all wallpapers are made to withstand heat, so you need to pay close attention to their specifications.

Here are some types of wallpaper that we could consider:

  • Non-woven wallpaper: easy to install, it does not require a wallpapering table because the glue is placed directly on the wall. Ideal for an authentic look.
  • Vinyl wallpaper: heat and humidity resistant, perfect for areas near heat sources such as behind a stove.
  • Traditional wallpaper: although attractive, it is less recommended for this area due to its lower heat resistance.

By choosing the right type, we not only ensure the durability of the wallpaper but also the safety of our space. It is therefore essential to read labels carefully and ask sellers to make the best possible choice.

Respect safety distances

After choosing the ideal wallpaper, it is crucial to respect the recommended safety distances to avoid any risk of fire. These distances vary depending on the model of the pellet stove, but here is a little tip to help you find your way easily:

  • At the rear : 100 mm minimum
  • Right and left : 150 mm minimum
  • Front : 800 mm minimum

These recommendations ensure optimal safety while allowing elegant and worry-free decoration. It is important to always refer to your stove's instructions for precise specifications. By respecting these distances, we ensure not only the safety of our space but also the longevity of our decoration. Let's not forget, safety first!

Optimize the heating and decoration of your space

Optimize the heating and decoration of your space

The importance of stove sizing

We can never say it enough, but choosing the right size pellet stove is crucial to ensuring efficient and economical heating of our space. If we opt for a model that is too small, we risk not heating our main room sufficiently, and conversely, a model that is too large will consume more than necessary.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • The surface and volume of the room to be heated
  • Insulating our house
  • The average outdoor temperature in our region

By taking these elements into account, we can avoid disappointment and ensure that our stove performs optimally. For those of us who are unsure how to proceed, consulting a professional can be a great idea. After all, right sizing from the start can save us a lot in the long run.

Tips for a smooth integration

For harmonious integration of your pellet stove into the space, we advise you to play on the unity of the decoration. Choosing one large rug over several small ones , opting for large frames instead of lots of small ones, and choosing one large decorative candle over several small ones can really transform the ambiance of your room.

Here are some additional tips to perfect this harmony:

  • Promote the entry of natural light to visually enlarge the space and make it more welcoming.
  • Do not hesitate to decompartmentalise if possible, to create a feeling of openness and fluidity.
  • Consulting an interior designer can be an excellent idea to expertly mix styles and obtain a warm and perfectly harmonious result.

These simple but effective tips will help you create a space where the pellet stove fits naturally, while optimizing the comfort and aesthetics of your interior.

Manage temperature and security

For us, managing the temperature around the pellet stove while ensuring safety is essential. It is essential to maintain a pleasant temperature without compromising the safety of our space. Here are some tips to achieve this:

  • Use a programmable thermostat to regulate the temperature optimally. This helps maintain a constant and comfortable temperature in the house.
  • Activate Standby mode if available. This mode allows the stove to automatically turn off if the temperature exceeds the predefined threshold, and to turn back on when the temperature drops, thus ensuring effective heat management.
  • Adjust the heating ranges as needed. For example, increase the heating ranges during colder periods of the day and reduce them when the temperature is milder.

By following these tips, we can create a comfortable and safe environment, while optimizing the use of our pellet stove.

Find out how to optimize the heating and decoration of your space to create a warm and welcoming environment. For personalized advice and innovative ideas, visit our website . Together, let's transform your space into a haven of peace.


In short, installing wallpaper behind a pellet stove is entirely possible, provided that certain precautions are followed. It is crucial to consider the safety distance from the stove and flue, as well as choosing wallpaper suitable for high temperatures. The testimonials and advice collected show that with good preparation and compliance with standards, your wall can combine aesthetics and safety. Don't forget, however, to consult a professional for a compliant and secure installation. So, are you ready to give your decor a boost without risking skipping steps?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put wallpaper behind a pellet stove?

Yes, it is possible to hang wallpaper behind a pellet stove, but it is essential to respect certain precautions, such as the use of fire-resistant plates and respecting the safety distances recommended by manufacturers and the standards in force. .

What type of wallpaper is recommended behind a pellet stove?

It is recommended to use non-woven wallpaper with an offset connection, which tolerates heat better. This type of wallpaper can help create a warm, homey atmosphere in the space.

What safety distance should be kept between the pellet stove and the wall covered with wallpaper?

A minimum distance of 10 cm must be maintained between the pellet stove (and its flue) and the wall covered with wallpaper, in accordance with the CSTB recommendations and the instructions provided in the stove instructions.