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Non-woven wallpaper, why it's better

Non-woven wallpaper is the star of wall coverings, and for good reason! Easy to install and versatile, it offers a multitude of designs to transform your interior. Are you wondering why choose non-woven wallpaper? Discover our collection of non-woven wallpapers to convince yourself.

Advantages & disadvantages of non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper is made from a mixture of textile fibers and cellulose, which gives it unrivaled resistance and flexibility. Here is a comparative table of the advantages and disadvantages of non-woven wallpaper compared to other types of wallpaper:

Wallpaper Benefits Disadvantages
Non-woven Easy to install, durable, variety of patterns Higher price
Woven Interesting textures, elegant Difficult to install, less durable
Vinyl Moisture resistant, easy to clean Less ecological, not suitable for all rooms

Although non-woven wallpaper is more expensive, its price makes up for the tools, glue and preparation required for other types of wallpaper.

How much does it cost to install non-woven wallpaper by a professional?

Installing non-woven wallpaper by a professional varies depending on the surface to be covered and the complexity of the pattern. In general, the cost ranges between €15 and €30 per m². However, the ease of installing non-woven wallpaper often allows you to carry out this task yourself! You can wallpaper a wall 3 walls wide.

Patterns and styles for all tastes

Non-woven wallpaper is available in a multitude of styles, patterns and colors to suit any interior. Discover our collections of adult bedroom wallpaper , kitchen wallpaper, or even geometric wallpapers .

Want a Scandinavian style? Take a look at our Scandinavian wallpaper collection . You will find all the Scandinavian trends of the moment there, with geometric patterns and foliage.

Non-woven wallpaper: simplified installation

One of the main advantages of non-woven wallpaper is the ease with which it is installed. Unlike traditional wallpapers, it is not necessary to prepare the paper before hanging it. The glue is applied directly to the wall, saving time and energy. To find out more about installing non-woven wallpaper, consult our detailed guide .

Solutions for all rooms

Non-woven wallpaper is an ideal solution for all rooms in the house. Thanks to its resistance to humidity and ease of maintenance, it is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. Discover our collection of wallpapers for toilets and WC and decorate your interior as you wish!

Non-woven wallpaper for children's rooms

Children's rooms deserve special attention when it comes to decoration. Non-woven wallpaper is an ideal option for creating a fun and stimulating world. Discover our collections specially designed for girls' rooms and boys' rooms. You will also find original themes such as new wallpaper trends 2023 .

In conclusion

Non-woven wallpaper is a wise choice for dressing your walls with style and simplicity. Its many advantages, such as ease of installation and diversity of patterns, make it an essential choice for interior decoration. Visit Le Papier Peint Français to discover our vast selection of non-woven wallpapers and take advantage of our wallpaper stripper to facilitate your renovation work.

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