idee de papier peint pour chambre adulte

Transforming your bedroom into a unique, elegant and calming space is easier than ever thanks to our selection of adult bedroom wallpapers.

Discover these 7 wallpaper ideas that will delight all tastes and styles.

1. Black and white panoramic wallpaper

Black and White Panoramic Wallpaper

Black and white is a timeless choice to bring a sophisticated and modern touch to your bedroom. This panoramic wallpaper offers an extra dimension to your room, creating an atmosphere that is both dynamic and calming.

2. Map of the world in Mappemonde wallpaper

World Map World Map Wallpaper

For travelers at heart, what could be better than wallpaper representing a world map to decorate your room? The world map is an elegant and original option for adults who want to escape from everyday life.

3. Original wallpaper for adult bedroom

Original Adult Bedroom Wallpaper

Dare to be original with this unique wallpaper which will bring a touch of art and design to your rest space . Its abstract and colorful pattern will stimulate your imagination and offer you a world of its own.

4. Scenic Black and White Jungle Wallpaper

Panoramic Black And White Jungle Wallpaper

Escape to a lush jungle with this panoramic black and white wallpaper. It will bring a touch of nature and exoticism to your room , while remaining sober and elegant.

5. Jungle Animals Wallpaper

Jungle Animals Wallpaper

Jungle animals are a source of inspiration to create a wild and warm atmosphere in your room. This exotic animal wallpaper will bring your space to life and spark your imagination.

6.Cheap animal wallpaper

Cheap Animal Wallpaper

Decorate your room with this affordable and trendy wallpaper , representing various animals. Its colorful and playful design will bring a touch of cheerfulness to your room, while respecting your budget.

7. Tropical tree wallpaper

Tropical Tree Wallpaper

Let yourself be seduced by this wallpaper with tropical tree motifs to create an exotic and relaxing atmosphere in your room. Bright colors and lush patterns will transform your space into a true oasis.

Now that you've discovered these 7 adult bedroom wallpaper ideas , it's time to answer some common questions:

What wallpaper to put in an adult bedroom?

The choice of wallpaper depends on your personal taste and the style you want to give to your room. Think about a design that reflects your personality and creates a calming and harmonious atmosphere.

Which wall to wallpaper in a bedroom?

Typically, we wallpaper the wall behind the headboard to create a focal point and give depth to the room. However, you can also opt for an adjacent wall if you want a less pronounced effect.

What is the wallpaper trend?

Wallpaper trends are constantly evolving. For 2023 , black and white wallpaper is particularly popular, with geometric, floral or abstract patterns.

How much does it cost to redecorate a bedroom with wallpaper?

The cost of wallpaper varies depending on the quality, design and surface area to be covered. Use ourwallpaper roll calculator to estimate the number of rolls needed and the budget to budget. Don't forget to take into account installation costs if you hire a professional.

In conclusion, there are a multitude of options for creating a unique and stylish adult bedroom using wallpaper. Be bold and original by choosing the design that suits you best, and don't hesitate to consult our selection to find inspiration.